About Miravia Marketplace

Miravia is an online marketplace that provides a platform for merchants to sell their products to a global customer base. It offers a user-friendly interface, a secure payment system, and a wide range of marketing tools to help merchants reach their target audience.

Miravia provides access to a large and diverse customer base, which can increase the visibility and sales of the products. It also offers various promotional tools, such as sponsored listings and targeted advertising. These tools help merchants boost their sales and reach their ideal customers.

Additionally, Miravia provides a secure payment system that ensures merchants receive payment for their sales and also handles shipping and returns, which can simplify the selling process. Overall, selling on Miravia can be a convenient and profitable option for merchants looking to expand their customer base and increase their sales.

About Miravia Connector

Shopify Miravia Connector by CedCommerce connects your Shopify Store with the Miravia marketplace. This app creates a channel facilitating the synchronization of product inventory, and product details and helps the store admin manage the product inventory from the Shopify store itself. Moreover, the Miravia Connector uses the Miravia API to integrate the Shopify store with the Miravia marketplace.

This tool simplifies listing your products and integrates with Miravia Marketplace.  Also, when a sale happens, it automatically syncs inventory and avoids overselling with the support of a threshold inventory limit. The app syncs product status, and inventory levels across Shopify and Miravia, enabling operational efficiency. CedCommerce’s connector app is dedicated to simplifying selling on Miravia from the Shopify store.

Key Features Of The App

  • Automated Listings: Automate catalog listings on Miravia Marketplace. Sync the app with your Shopify store, and any update on your Shopify store will be reflected in the app. Upload and list products on the Miravia marketplace in bulk or individually in just a few clicks.
  • Product Management: Use the app to filter, enrich, and optimize product details to ensure error-free listings on Miravia Marketplace. Product management enables you to add additional details to your descriptions. This way, you can enrich product information and help shoppers understand the product better.
  • Real-Time Synchronization: Product information like price, inventory, and product details are synced in near real-time between your Shopify and Miravia Shop.
  • Profile-Based Product Management: Our app simplifies your product management. Create the profiles and group your products into them. Accordingly, you can manage them all at once with the selected template and rules.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The Miravia Connector offers competitive pricing plans, making it affordable for businesses of various sizes.

The software’s features and capabilities provide value for the investment, helping you streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

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