Product Linking

You can visit this section by clicking on the linking & kitting option on the left side menu. This section will allow you to link Amazon products with their Shopify counterparts and manage the kitting of products.

Above the grid, you can also view the current product linking preference configured within the app. You can reinitiate the auto-linking process anytime you want with a dedicated “Link catalog” button available on the top right of the product linking grid.

Linking and Bundling

This section will consist of four various tabs as follows:

1. Close Match
2. Linking Required
3. Linked
4. Kitting

Let’s have a look at the functionalities of each tab.

Note: Kitted products have more priority over linked products. It means if a Shopify SKU is both linked with an MCF SKU as well as kitted with MCF SKU(s) & its order is placed then, the order for kitted SKU(s) will be synced to MCF.

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