Linking Required Products

This tab presents a list of MCF products that require linking with their corresponding Shopify counterparts. To facilitate the process, you can easily search for Amazon products using their Title & SKU and also have the option to sort the products by their title.

Linking Required

The following columns will be displayed in this section:

  • Image: Thumbnail image of the product.
  • Product Title: It displays the name of the product & you can also view the same product on Amazon using the “View on Amazon” button.
  • Seller Central SKU: SKU of the product on Amazon MCF.
  • Barcode: It displays the EAN/UPC/GTIN of the product.
  • Amazon Inventory: It denotes the available inventory of the product on Amazon MCF.
  • Amazon Status: The Status of the product on Amazon MCF which can be either Active or Inactive.
  • Action: It will have having Link button only.

To link an MCF product with a Shopify product, follow these steps:

1. Click on the “Link” button available for each MCF product in the “Actions” column.
2. A popup will appear showing the details of the selected MCF product that needs to be linked.
3. Beneath the MCF product details, a grid will display available Shopify products for linking.
4. If required, you can search for the required Shopify products using their title or SKU to find the best match.
5. Click on the “Link” button for the desired Shopify product from the grid.

Link popup in Linking Required
6. Confirm the linking action in the popup.
7. After your confirmation, the MCF product will be successfully linked to the chosen Shopify product.

💡Note: If a product gets deleted from Shopify then it will automatically get unlinked from its corresponding MCF product in the app.

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