Profiling allows you to categorize a large number of products based on several conditions. These individual profiles enable you to upload your products from your Shopify store to the marketplace.

It refers to a group of products created based on different product properties like title, vendor, etc. 

You can put products in a profile based on product properties like –

  • Condition (any or all)
  • Category template.
  • Price template.
  • Inventory template.
  • Offer template.

With the marketplace integration app, you can set up unlimited profiles for any set of products you wish. In the profiling section, you can get the following details –

  1. Activate Profile – You can activate or disable your profile by moving the button.
  2. Profile Name – The name of your profile that you created during the time of profile creation.
  3. Made in – Date and time when it was created.
  4. Status – It tells you the current status of your profile.
  5. Actions – You can either delete, clone, or edit the profile you want under the actions section.


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