How to Create a New Profile?

Follow the steps below to create a new profile –


  1. In the app’s dashboard, click on profiling. 
  2. The profiling panel will show you a list of existing profiles you have created until now with their names, date of creation, and rules set.
  3. Click on Add a new profile. 
  4. In the pop-up window, you’ll be required to fill in specific details.
  5. Give your profile a unique name.
  6. Apply any or all conditions as per the requirement. Here, you can filter the products based on their properties, on which you wish to assign a new profile.
    – Condition (any/all) – Let’s you choose the and or condition.
  7. Based on several product properties, you can set the parameters for products. The first product type will have drop-down options like product provider, name, and panel. Select the one as per your requirements.
  8. The next bar consists of the conditions that you can apply for this filter. Click on it, and from the drop-down menu, choose an option that suits you best. There will be an option of – equals, begins with, contains, does not include. 
  9. Then you need to choose from the available categories.
  10. If you want to delete a condition, click on the bing.
  11. If you want another condition, click on add another condition. 
  12. Add templates – category, inventory, price. and offer. 
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