Sales Order

Admin can perform the following tasks on the Sales Orders page:

  • Fetch Groupon Orders
  • Sync Shopify Shipment
  • Acknowledge order on Groupon

To manage the sales orders:

  1. Go to the Groupon Marketplace Integration App.
  2. On the top navigation bar, click the Order menu.

Refer screenshot

Click Sales Orders.

The Groupon Order Details page appears as shown in the image below:

Order Details

Click the View icon to see the order status

Refer the screenshot

Order Current Status

1. To fetch the new orders from, click the Fetch Groupon Orders button. The new orders if available are fetched from and are listed on the page and a success message appears. If the new order is not created on Groupon, then a relevant message appears on the page. You can fetch orders from Groupon Automatically and Manually Both.

2. To update the shipment information of the order on, click the Sync Shopify Shipment button. The shipment information is updated successfully and a success message appears on the page. If there is no order to be shipped, then the relevant message appears on the page. Shipment can be done both Automatically and Manually.

3. Orders are acknowledged as soon as they are created using the Acknowledge Order on Groupon button.

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