A template is a collection of data in the app that you can reuse as and when required while creating new profiles. There are three types of templates you can create – Shipping Template, Inventory Template, and the Price Template. Each profile you create must contain a Shipping template, whereas the Inventory and Price templates are optional.

Templates are the third option from the top in the Left-hand side navigation menu. Click on it to go to the templates page of the app as shown in the image below.



The Templates Page

The templates page is divided into two main sections –

  • The top section has two buttons – one for fetching the existing Etsy Shipping templates (only available on the shipping tab) and the other for creating a new template.
  • The templates grid section, where you can see existing templates (divided into three tabs for each type of template).

Let’s talk about the template grid first, then we’ll move on to fetching and creating the templates.

The templates grid section has 3 tabs – Shipping, Inventory, and Price – to separate the templates for your convenience.


The Shipping Tab



The Shipping tab in the templates grid section has a search bar at the top where you can search for profiles by their names. You also have the option to filter your search results based on the following conditions –


  • Origin Country id – This filter allows you to search for templates based on their dispatch origin.
  • Profile Type – This filter allows you to search for templates based on the type of profile – Manual or Calculated.
  • Primary Cost – 
  • Secondary Cost –


The Shipping template grid

The grid provides you with information about the template and also allows you to perform some actions on those templates. Let’s talk about the different columns of the profile grid.

  • Template Name – This column contains the name of the Shipping template.
  • Rules – This column gives you a quick look at the rules of the template.
  • Profile Type – This column gives information about the type of profile – manual or calculated.
  • Actions – This column allows you to perform actions on the template – edit and delete.


The Inventory Tab



The Inventory tab is similar to the Shipping tab. The only differences are – you don’t have the option to filter the search results and the grid doesn’t have a column for ‘Profile Type’ because it’s not applicable here.


The Price Tab



The Price tab gives you similar information as the Inventory tab.


Fetch Shipping Templates



This option allows you to fetch any Shipping template that you may have created directly on your Etsy shop. It will fetch both manual and calculated shipping templates.


Note – While you can edit the manual shipping templates fetched from Etsy, you can’t edit the calculated shipping templates as of now due to the lack of API.


Create Template



You can create new templates by clicking on this button. You will get a dropdown with the options for Shipping, Inventory, and Price templates. Let’s take a look at how to create each template one by one.


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