Headquartered in San Jose, California, eBay is a multinational e-commerce giant that facilitates C2C and B2C sales. It is a multibillion-dollar organization that operates in about 30 countries (as of 2011). As per the reports of Statista, eBay had 171 million active users in the Q1 of 2018, surpassing itself for the record of 170 million active users in the previous quarter.

eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces today and any seller aspiring to make a mark in the world of e-commerce wants to feature its product on such marketplaces. However, it is quite often that the sellers sometimes find it a long, complexed task to sell on such formidable marketplaces.

eBay Prestashop Integration is an advanced solution that connects your PrestaShop store to eBay marketplace and enables you to upload the products from PrestaShop to eBay, effortlessly. This integration facilitates the easy synchronization of your product orders, price and inventory between your PrestaShop store and eBay marketplace.

Features of the eBay Prestashop Integration-

Multi-Account Support: The seller can configure and use multiple eBay account from single Prestashop Store.

Product Category Mapping: The admin using this extension can map numerous PrestaShop store categories to a single eBay marketplace category.

Order Import Management: Admin can flexibility to import eBay orders from eBay marketplace into their Prestashop store automatically.

Simple and Configurable Product Upload: The admin using this extension can upload simple as well as configurable types of products on eBay marketplace.

Cron Management: Cron setting updates the product inventory, order, and price automatically, after a fixed interval of time.

Bulk Upload System: The vendor may upload a huge number of products on eBay marketplace using the bulk product upload feature.

Rejected Product Notification: If a product gets rejected by eBay due to the violation of eBay guidelines or invalid data, the merchants can see the details of the error according to the individual products in the module.

Profile Based Product Upload: The admin can easily upload the products on eBay marketplace after creating a profile and assigning the products to it.

Failed Order Notification: The admin receives a notification whenever a failed order is fetched from eBay marketplace it will get listed in the failed order section automatically.

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