About AliExpress

AliExpress, a prominent online retail platform under the Alibaba Group, boasts a daily visitor count of 20 million from 220 different locations worldwide. Remarkably, it achieved the milestone of garnering 150 million international buyers in just 2.5 years. The platform’s success is attributed to its competitive pricing strategy, drawing in the highest sales volume compared to other marketplaces. With consistently low prices on various items, AliExpress has become a preferred choice for consumers.

Why is this connector module so crucial for selling on AliExpress from PrestaShop?

The connector module is vital for selling on AliExpress because it saves you the time and effort of managing two different shops at the same time. It will serve as a valuable solution for PrestaShop store owners aiming to expand their reach on AliExpress. It simplifies the often complex task of synchronizing inventory, pricing, or other product details between the PrestaShop store and AliExpress for efficient management.

What makes this connector module truly appealing is its ability to centralize the entire process. This means you can oversee everything without disrupting your existing workflow. Consequently, it frees up your precious time by reducing manual work and enhances your delivery reliability through automation. 

This guide will take you through each section, option, and settings available in the connector module that will help you be on top of your business.

What can this connector do for you?

  • Product Management: The connector can retrieve products from the PrestaShop store and list them on AliExpress in a single click. Also, the connector allows you the flexibility to edit product details before listing them on AliExpress.
  • Inventory & Price sync: The connector ensures that your product inventory and pricing stay synchronized effortlessly between your PrestaShop store and AliExpress. Any modifications to inventory levels or product prices in your PrestaShop store are automatically reflected in real time on your AliExpress.
  • Template-based product upload: This feature will empower you to map your PrestaShop attribute with AliExpress attributes and organize them into one template. So before you upload a product, you can assign a template to it, and most of the required product information fields will be filled automatically.
  • Efficient Order Management: As soon as an order is placed on your AliExpress, the connector will automatically fetch that order and create it on your PrestaShop store. This will allow you to manage your orders conveniently from one location. Moreover, when you ship the order from your PrestaShop store, the shipping details will be auto-synced to AliExpress.
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