Miravia Connector Overview

“Miravia PrestaShop Connector by CedCommerce” is an API integration that helps PrestaShop store owners to sell products on the Miravia marketplace without hassle. The app synchronizes inventory, price, and other product details for product creation and management between the PrestaShop store and the Miravia marketplace. After app installation, the merchant can create product categories on Miravia and map them with the PrestaShop store attribute.

The connector module automatically synchronizes your Miravia product information with the app. Moreover, you can also manage Miravia orders from a centralized panel. The connector module fetches your Miravia order in the PrestaShop store, and you can fulfill it from your native store. Just update tracking details; everything will be synced and updated automatically on Miravia.

CedCommerce offers seamless integration that connects your eCommerce business with marketplaces. And guess what? You can manage the entire process from a centralized dashboard without disrupting your current work process. Hence, saving your valuable time by reducing manual work. Improve your delivery reliability with sales automation and the “Miravia PrestaShop Connector” plugin.

Key Features Of The App

Simplified Product Listing: The connector module simplifies your task of listing products on the Miravia marketplace, making it quick and easy. Just connect your Miravia store with PrestaShop via the connector module and upload products individually or in bulk.

Advance Order Management: Orders are fetched into your PrestaShop store, where you can easily process or cancel via the centralized order management system.

Automated Inventory Management: With the Miravia PrestaShop connector module, you can manage and automate inventory counts on all connected platforms. If there is any change in inventory level in your Prestashop store in will automatically be reflected in the app.

Near Realtime Synchronization: For a seamless selling experience, the Miravia PrestaShop connector module facilitates real-time syncing. It means when you are selling on Miravia as well as on your PrestaShop store, the updates related to inventory or orders will be in real-time. The app will reflect the same results on both platforms.

Oneclick Bulk upload: Get all the products uploaded on the Miravia marketplace in one go. The bulk upload takes place with all titles, descriptions, and images.

Profile-Based Product Upload: This helps merchants to create a product profile based on some common feature. This helps you map the product attributes and upload products on Miravia effortlessly.

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