Cdon Prestashop Integration is an efficient API integration that helps the Prestashop store owners to synchronize inventory, price, and other product details for the product creation and its management between the Prestashop store and the Cdon marketplace.

The Cdon Prestashop Integration extension integrates and synchronizes the product listing between Prestashop and Cdon. Once the seller has installed the extension, it becomes easy to map the Cdon Categories with PrestaShop store. This extension establishes synchronization between Cdon marketplace and Prestashop and as a result, all the orders placed on Cdon are automatically reflected in your Prestashop Dashboard.

This extension empowers the sellers to configure the desired product category into Prestashop for automatic submission of the selected product to the same Category on Cdon.

The Key Features are as follows:

Profile-based product upload: Admin can create a profile, map the Cdon category and attributes to the Prestashop category and attributes, and then after assigning the products to the profile can easily upload products to

Attribute Mapping: Maps suitable existing attribute with Cdon attribute, so a seller need not populate those fields.

Synchronized Inventory: Auto synchronization of the inventory at regular intervals and the listing of the products along with all the details is established between Prestashop and

Bulk Upload System: The merchant has the flexibility to upload as many numbers of products on using bulk product upload feature, as wanted.

Simple and Configurable Product Upload: Admin can upload the Simple and Configurable type of Prestashop products on the Cdon website.

Enable and Disable Products: Merchants can close and reopen the products on using Enable and Disable feature.

Easy Order Creation: The newly placed orders on are automatically created in the Prestashop store with all the required details as it is on Cdon.

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