Reverb Product Setting

To perform the Reverb Product Settings,

  • Go to your OpenCart admin panel.
  • Place the cursor on Reverb Symbol which is on the left navigation bar, as shown in the figure below:
  • From this menu, click on Product.
  • On clicking Settings, you will be navigated to the Reverb Product Settings Page as shown:
  • All the products are listed here.

To Upload A Single Products:

  • To Upload a single product Click on the upload button associated with the product as shown:
  • By doing so the selected product gets Uploaded to the Reverb Store.


To Upload Selected Products:

  • To upload multiple products first select all the products you wish to upload on Reverb.
  • After doing so Click on the Upload Selected Button on the top as shown in the figure:
  • The selected products will get uploaded on Reverb.


To Upload All The Products:

  • If you wish to upload all the products from your Opencart store to the Reverb marketplace, Click on the Upload All Products Button on the top as shown:
  • All the products from this panel will get uploaded to the Reverb Marketplace.


To Upload Products by Cron

  • The best way to upload products on Reverb is through cron.
  • To upload products by cron, Click on Upload To Cron Queue button on the top as shown:
  • By doing so all the products will go in the queue. Once in a while when the cron runs and it will upload all the products in a single go.
  • You can also upload all the products instantaneously through Cron by clicking Upload All by Cron button on the top as shown:
  • By doing so the cron starts to run instantaneously and the products will get uploaded to Reverb.


To View the Error in Products

  • To view the error in the products (if occurred ) sellers can check it on their Opencart panel only.
  • Go to  the products where you see the error symbol and click on the button associated with it as shown in the figure:
  • By doing so the error message is displayed and you can get to know what is causing that error.
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