Retrieving API Credentials

To Retrieve API Credentials,

Note: The process explained below is for merchants who do not have any app created but if you already have an existing app then it can be skipped.

  1. For app creation, you can ask your seller panel admin, who has complete access to the seller panel, to open this URL
    You will be redirected to the page as shown below:
  2. The Add Technical Partner page will appear as shown below:
  3. Select the existing technical partner. (It is compulsory to choose the existing partner.)
  4. Then in Technical Partner Details, enter the Account Id provided to you.
    Account Id- e42da3f4-d882-4284-a232-08898bedeb35

    Note-This Account Id will be provided by us to you. If the ID will be correct then the Green tick will be shown as verified.

  5. In Technical Partner, the technical partner account will be fetched automatically.
  6. Now the second step of the merchant’s section will appear as shown below:
  7. Select the merchants your Technical partner can access and give the access permission.
  8. Then click on the Summary button on the right side at the bottom. The summary page appears as shown:
  9. The summary of all the information entered will be displayed as shown above.
  10. Click on the Invite Technical Partner button.


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