Mass Actions on the Manage Products Page

Admin can perform the actions that have been mentioned below, through the Bulk Action feature:

  1. Go to the Magento Store Admin panel.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click the WALMART INTEGRATION menu.
    The menu appears as shown in the following figure:
  3. Click on Products.
    The Manage Products page appears as shown in the following figure: All the available products are listed on this page.
  4. Select the checkboxes associated with the products that the admin wants to submit action on.
  5. In the Actions list, click the arrow button.
  6. To upload the products, click on Upload Products.
  7. To update the inventory, click on Update Inventory.
  8. To update the price, click on Update Price.
  9. To synchronise the status, click on Sync Status.
  10. To retire the products, click on Retire Products.
  11. To synchronise the shipping profiles, click on Sync Shipping Profiles.
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