Shopify Collection

Shopify to Magento 2 Product Importer also enables you to import the categories available on Shopify to your Magento 2

For that, the Vendor needs to navigate the left navigation bar of his vendor dashboard panel and click on Shopify Collection.

Vendor Dashboard < Shopify Importer < Shopify Collection

  • You may see here the Handle, Title, Collection Id, and Description.
  • Also, if there is a new category created on Shopify, you may fetch it on your Magento store by simply clicking the same Import button and the new category will be imported in-sync with the existing categories on your Magento.
  • On importing, a success message appears as shown below:

With these categories, it becomes easy for you as a merchant to integrate or feature your product at an E-commerce marketplace or your Magento store.

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