Dashboard Section

The plugin’s dashboard provides insight into your store and helps you analyze the sales. It shows basic information about your stores like products and their statuses, orders and their stages, ongoing and completed activities, and much more. It also provides you with gross sale information made over a period of time, etc. 

The plugin provides a comprehensive view of all actions, operations & synchronization with TikTok Shop. 


This section provides you with ease to access all the statuses related to your product stages. All product stages i.e “In Progress”, “Not Uploaded”, “Live”, “Failed”, “Pending”, & “Draft” are visible for an understanding about your product levels.

Not Uploaded: Total number of products that are imported to the Plugin from the Magento store but are not yet uploaded on TikTok Shop.

In Progress: The product uploading process is in progress, and soon these products will be listed on TikTok Shop.

Live: These number of products are live and listed on TikTok Shop.

Failed: Products under this category are not uploaded on the TikTok shop due to some error. These errors can include missing SKU, products, not in stock, etc.

Pending: Certain number of products fall under “pending” review because these products are yet to be reviewed by TikTok Shop.

Draft: The total number of products that are in the draft state on the TikTok Shop. 

Order: With this part of the dashboard, you can track the status of orders, i.e., awaiting shipment, awaiting collection, completed order, canceled order & error in the order. 


Here all the ongoing & completed activities are listed. You can keep an eye on all the activities that are happening in the app, for example, product uploading, order fulfillment, etc. 

Gross Sales

This is a graphical representation of your gross sale made during a specified period of time. You can filter the data based on a weekly, monthly & yearly basis. 

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