TikTok Shop is a trending online store that offers an extensive range of products at incredibly competitive prices. TikTok Shop is the go-to destination among Gen Z and millennials for a unique shopping experience.

The TikTok Magento 2 Connector by CedCommerce is an application that effortlessly links your Magento store with the Miravia Marketplace.
It empowers you to hassle-free manage various selling operations on the marketplace by automating tedious tasks and streamlining the selling process.

How This Guide Will Help You

Introducing the TikTok Magento 2 Connector User Guide—a comprehensive step-by-step guide tailored for Magento sellers. This guide is meticulously designed to lead you through every phase of the TikTok Magento 2 Connector app.

By following these steps, you will gain a profound understanding of how to seamlessly upload products from your Magento store to the TikTok marketplace. The guide will assist you in navigating through the process efficiently.

This guide is tailored to provide clear insights and actionable steps for successful integration.

In this guide you will find steps to easily do the following

  • Install TikTok Module
  • Manage TikTok Wizard Setup
  • Manage TikTok Account
  • Manage TikTok Policies
  • Manage TikTok Attributes
  • Manage TikTok Listing Templates
  • Manage TikTok Products
  • Manage TikTok Orders
  • Manage TikTok Return/Refund Orders
  • Manage Queue Process


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