Place an Order

Customers can place an order by login to the customer account/signup to account on the main website.

Steps are as follows,

1- Sign in/Sign-up to the account

2- Browse and Select the product/service.

3- Fill the required information related to booking an order like date, quantity.

4- Check the cart/edit the cart, then proceed to checkout.

5- Review payment method/edit information then place the order.

6- Place an order done and a thank you message will be displayed.

The order is now placed, it will go to the backend Admin Panel for the approval of the order.

Admin Panel; Admin can check the order details in the order section, for more information refers to the order section of this guide.

Click on the order id to see the details of the order placed, the order details show the information, now admin generates the invoice for the customer, refer below images.

Refer to the below images for more clarity on steps.

Once the invoice is checked and submitted by admin, the status of the payment cycle received from the customer side is now completed and confirmed by admin, now it will redirect to the order section page.

Once the customer payment order and invoice are confirmed by admin

After payment is done, the admin can see the status of the order is now complete.



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