Select Customer Or Add New Customer

Selecting a Customer For Billing

In the sales agent layout for customer billing for the product items purchased, the customer needs to select the customer for whom he is billing for.

If the customer account is already there in the Magento system, the sales agent can directly select the customer account from the dropdown exists, else if the customer is a new customer to the store, the sales agent can create the customer profile with the required mandatory details, before starting with the billing process.


After selecting the customer from the pre-existing list of customers in the system sales agent can begin with adding the product to the cart and manage to check out further.


Adding a New Customer to the System

From the POS sales-agent panel customer can navigate to the “Add Customer +” button and then a pop-up opens where you can fill the required customer details.

After filling the required details the customer account is created at the Magento panel, and from the Sales Agent POS panel, he can select the customer.

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