3.5.Vendor Transaction Management

Goto CED Marketplace > Vendor Orders to payout vendors.

Vendor Payouts: Once the admin has transferred the due payment to the vendor by offline means an entry can be made regarding that payment into the system that is visible to vendors as well on their vendor panel. This is done by clicking the PayNow button against the order for which the admin has to make the payment.

Admin can add more orders for payout by clicking the button Add/Remove Amounts for Payment and selecting the orders for which this vendor is now eligible for the payout. Click Continue to proceed.

After selecting the orders, the admin provides basic information about the payment mode and any deductions that apply to this transaction by entering that amount in the Adjustment Amount field. The Payment Method options in this form come from the payment details provided by the vendor from the Transaction Settings on his vendor Panel. Notes can also be added if required. Finally, click on the Pay Offline button to register the payment into the system. Vendors will also receive an email for this transaction.

Admin will be able to view all such transactions from CED Marketplace > Vendor Transactions and view individual transactions by clicking the View option under column Action.

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Last updated on December 29, 2020
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