3.3.Vendor Product Management

Goto CED Marketplace > All Products to manage vendor products.


  • System Message: Notice appears at the top of the workspace when a vendor product requires approval. Follow the link to “Vendor Pending Products”, and review the new vendor products.
  • Actions: List of actions applicable to selected products in the list. Select the checkbox in the first column of each product to apply an action. Options: Delete / Change Status.
  • Filters: Initiates a vendor catalog search based on the current filters.
  • Default View: Indicates the current grid column layout. If there are saved grid column views, you can choose another.
  • Columns: Set the selection of columns and their order in the grid.
  • ID: A unique, sequential number that is assigned when a new product is saved for the first time.
  • Vendor Name: Public name of the vendor.
  • Name The vendor product name.
  • Type: The product type.
  • Attribute Set: The name of the attribute set that is used as a template for the vendor product.
  • SKU: The unique Stock Keeping Unit that is assigned to the vendor product.
  • Price: The unit price of the vendor product.
  • Web Site: Indicates the website where the vendor product is available.
  • Quantity: The quantity that is currently in stock.
  • Disapproval Reason: This shows the reason if provided during the disapproval of the vendor product.
  • Status: Indicates the current approval status of the vendor product. Options: Pending, Approved, and Disapproved.
  • View: Opens the product in Edit mode.
  • Action: Lists option to Approve or Disapprove vendor product.


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Last updated on December 29, 2020
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