Vendor Product Filter Addon is a powerful add-on for Magento® 2 that facilitates the customers to search the products based on the City and then again search by location of the City. This add-on provides the admin an ability to facilitate the customers to search a particular product in the city that suits according to the customer and then search the product by the requires location. Admin can add cities and regions in bulk through CSV and one by one also. Hence, the customers can easily search the products available at their nearest location.

Key features are as follows

  • Admin Control: Admin can add the Cities and the Locations for the Vendors to sell their products.
  • Choose City and Location During Registration: Vendors can choose the city and the location from the list defined by the admin during their registration. It means the vendors only from the cities defined by the Admin are allowed to register.
  • Product Search Based on City: Customers can search the specific product based on the city.
  • Product Search Based on Location: After searching the product based on city, a customer can also search the product based on the nearest location.
  • Convenient Use: Easy for the customers to purchase the products based on the city.
  • Bulk Addition: Admin can upload the list of selected cities and locations for vendors in bulk through CSV.
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