Vendor Group Addon is an add-on of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Magento® 2. Using this add-on, the admin can categorize the vendors into groups. Admin can create the group of vendors based on the features such as Commission rate, other access rules providing limited vendor panel resources at the front-end to the vendors, and so on.


Key features are as follows:

  • Admin can assign any group to any vendor. Thus, the admin can create the various groups of various vendors having the similar configuration settings.
  • Facilitates with the easily manageable configurations based on created vendor Group.
    Admin can apply the different Commission Rates on the basis of the created vendor Group.
  • Admin can specify the access to the required resources of the Vendor Panel based on created vendor group.
  • Admin can set the configuration settings for the Product Approval or Disapproval on the basis of the created vendor group.
  • Admin can allow the vendors to use the categories based on the accessibility defined for the specific vendor group.
  • Admin can create a unique group code for each group.
  • Admin can restrict the vendor group to specific limits on product creation.




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