2.3.Install the Downloaded Product

The naming convention of the downloaded package is as <>.

For example


Here are some prerequisites that the user has to verify before installation:

  • Magento Version Community Edition 2.0 is already installed.
  • In case of any dependency on any extension, the relevant extension should be already installed.

To Add the Module to the Magento 2 Directory

  1. Extract the downloaded package <>.
    Note: After extracting the compressed file, check whether the available folder is /app or <ModuleName>.
    If the available folder is /app, then go to step 1- a. If the available folder is <ModuleName>, then go to step 1- b.
    a. Copy the /app folder from the provided package and paste it into the <Magento 2 Folder>.
    b. Copy the folder <ModuleName> from the provided package and paste it to the <Magento 2 Folder>/app/code/Ced.
    Note: Create the required folder structure in the system if it does not exist.
  2. Open the terminal (cmd) and do the following steps:
    a. Change the directory to Magento 2 root directory using the cd command.
    b. Run the command:
    php bin\magento setup:upgrade
    Only after completion of Step 2- b, follow the step 2-c
               c. Run the command:
    php bin\magento setup:static-content:deploy
    Note: Only after completion of Step 2- c, follow the Step 2-d:
               d. Run the command:
    php bin/magento setup:di:compile
    Note: If php is not accessible globally then replace php with complete path of php.
  3. Go to the Admin panel of the store, and first clear the Magento 2 cache.


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