3.Configuration Setting

After the successful installation of the EBS Payment Extension on the Magento 2 store, the admin has to set up the configuration settings required to enable the features of the extension.

To Configure the Settings

  1. Go to the Admin panel.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click the STORES menu, and then click Configuration.
    The Configuration page appears.
  3. In the left navigation panel, click the SALES
  4. Scroll down to click Payment Methods.
    In the right panel, all the payment methods are listed.
  5. Scroll down to click the EBS Payment Method tab.
    The corresponding fields appear as shown in the following figure:
    EBS Payment Method


Setting for EBS Payment Module

  1. In the Enabled, select Yes to activate the module.
  2. Enter the TITLE, enter the title of the payment method.
  3. Transaction Description, If the description and if left unfilled it will automatically pick the Order Number.
  4. Fill the other relevant details like Account Id / Secret Key / Hash Type, and also select the environment you want to use with Transaction Mode. 
  5. Click the Save Config Button.


Note: Before making it live, admin needs to test the EBS Payment extension. For testing purpose, admin has to enter the test account credentials (Account Id and Secret Key, Hash Type) which the admin had received from the EBS website to integrate EBS Online Payments with the Magento 2.



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