Jet Configuration Settings

In order to obtain Jet API key, API Secret and Fulfillment Node Id the merchant needs to go to and login to its account.
  • After that, obtain the API key and Secret.
  • Generate a Fulfillment Node as per Jet specifications to have a Jet Fulfillment Node Id.
  • These details will be used in the configuration settings of merchant’s admin panel.
  • Once the extension is successfully installed on your store, Jet menu will start appearing.

To fill the Jet Configuration Setting go to Jet > Configuration.

Here the mandatory settings merchant needs to enter:

  • API user (API User in Jet),
  • API Secret (Secret in Jet)
  • Fulfillment Node Id (not Merchant Id of Jet, go to Fulfillment > Fulfillment Node Id from left navigation menu in the Jet Partner Panel)
  • Select Store which you want to integrate on Jet.
  • Before saving the configuration settings, click on the Validate button to validate the “API User” and “Secret Key”

return location

In the Return Location, the merchant needs to enter Address where product has to be
product settings
Product Edit Settings: what information of product should be updated on Jet when  product is edited.
  • Update Price of product whenever the Product is edited from admin panel.
  • Update Inventory of Product whenever the Product is edited from admin panel.
  • Update Images of Product whenever the Product is edited from admin panel.
  • Update basic information of Product whenever the Product is edited from admin panel.

jet product required field mapping

  • Product Required Field Mapping shows the list of fields which is used to send Product Information on Jet.
  • Left side labels are the fields required by Jet & right side includes the Magento 2 Product Attribute Code.
  • To set a different price for all the products, use Product Price field. This is a dropdown using which you can set the price on the following basis:-
For all products
  • Increase by Fixed Price.
  • Increase by Fixed Percentage.
  • Decrease by Fixed Price.
  • Decrease by Fixed Percentage.
For setting individual product price
  • Set individually for each product.
    • By creating a new attribute for each product and filling the attribute code here.
  • By default, required Jet fields are mapped with respective Magento 2 Attribute but
    admin can change the attribute for each & every field according to his /her need.
  • Except the required product information also gives an option to merchant  to Provide Extra information about the Product which will be used by for Listing Product & Shipment calculation. They can be assigned using Attribute Mapping on product edit page.
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