The GAME marketplace is one of the renowned marketplaces of Britain that allows third-party sellers to sell their unique gaming and technology. Each seller bringing their own catalog of products for selling on Game Marketplace.

GAME Marketplace sells new and pre-owned games as well as other game-related items, such as PC hardware, toys, memorabilia, books, and clothes.

Game Integration for Magento® 2 by Cedcommerce helps you in managing your products on a centralized platform, where you can easily list your products on Game marketplace from your existing Magento® 2 store.

This extension interacts with the Game Marketplace to integrate the synchronized product listing between Magento® 2 store and the retailers.

Synchronizing orders, products, pricing, and inventory is possible through establishing communication between Game APIs and the Magento store.

Admin can manage the Game orders on the seller’s Magento® 2 without making any significant changes to operational functionalities.

Key features of Game Integration Extension by Cedcommerce

  • Bulk Products Upload: Admin has the flexibility to upload any number of products on using the bulk products upload feature.
  • Upload Products Based on Profile: Enables the admin to create a profile based on a single category, and then assign the products to the profile to automate the products upload.
  • Stock Update: Stocks are updated automatically on both ends as stock status updated in your local shop or as an order is marked shipped by Game.
  • Game Order Management: The orders can be easily acknowledged or canceled through the centralized order management system.
  • Notifications: Admin receives a notification if any new order is created, low stock or if the product is rejected from Game due to invalid data.
  • Crons: Cron job automates the process for Inventory, Price, and Order management.
  • Auto Acknowledgement of Order: Admin receives an acknowledgment of Orders automatically as soon as orders are created.
  • Low Stock Notifications: Whenever the stock diminishes lower than the threshold, a notification is sent informing the status of the same.
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