Manage Product Listings

After the configuration is done, the seller needs to go to the Products to see the listing products on Facebook.

  1. Go to the Magento 2 Admin Panel.
  2. On the top navigation bar, you can see the FBNative.
    A menu appears as shown in the following figure:
  3. Click on the Product section
    The page appears as shown in the following figure:

    Note: As soon as you create an account, an attribute is generated in the product listings section. The attribute(s) needs to be assigned for products mentioned in the single accounts.
  4. Click on Edit under the Actions column of the products as shown in the image above.
    A new window opens up containing all the details about the product.

    • You can choose the condition of the product you are selling from the drop-down menu in the condition.
    • Enter the brand of your product in the next menu.
    • Choose the Facebook Redirect URL as either cart page and shopping page from the drop-down menus. Based on your selection the user is redirected from the FB to either the cart page or the shopping page of your Magento Panel.
    • In case you did not select any of the options, the user will be redirected to the Product page.
    • Now below you must see all the Fb stores linked to your Magento panel. Select Yes on those stores from which you wish to include products.
    • Save the product after the changes have been made.
      Move back to the product listings.
  5. On clicking on Export CSV you can generate the CSV of products with their status as given in the below image.
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