How to configure the General Settings?

When you click on the General tab, you get access to fill or edit product-related permissions for the App. When you enable the permissions the details from your Magento store automatically get synchronized and updated on AliExpress.

The General Settings comprises Five sections that need your attention.

Title Template

The option lets you create an SEO title for the products before listing them on AliExpress

Price Template

The option lets you set the rule that will be used when deciding the price for your product on AliExpress. You can toggle between the Enable and Disable options.

How to Set the Price Template from the General Configuration section of the App?

  • Click on the dropdown menu available under the price template.
  • Select from the options a valid rule that you want to apply for the price of your products on Magento. The options available includes:
    • Fixed Increment
    • Fixed Decrement
    • Percentage Increment
    • Percentage Decrement
    • Multiply
  • Once you’ve selected a valid option from the dropdown enter a value that you wish to use as an effective price for the products when uploading them on AliExpress.

Note: In the event of using the same price for your products that you use in your Magento store select None. The option will upload products to AliExpress without altering the price of your products.

Product Auto Update

This feature helps you enable or disable the automated updating of the changes made in product details on your Magento store to AliExpress. When enabled, any changes made to the product will automatically start reflecting on AliExpress.

Product Auto Create

When enabled, this feature helps automatically create the Products and variants on AliExpress from your Magento store. The products will get created on AliExpress with all the available variants (selective upload won’t work).

Product Auto Delete

This feature helps you enable or disable the automated deletion of the products on AliExpress. When enabled, products deleted on Magento will automatically get deleted from AliExpress.

Threshold Inventory

This helps maintain a minimum product inventory on your Magento app. Overselling or overstocking of products can be avoided with proper use of the Threshold inventory feature.

Note: It is highly recommended that you set a minimum threshold value of 2 when entering the value.

Currency Conversion

To configure the currency converter, you need to convert the store currency to AliExpress account currency.

To sell on AliExpress, your products should be priced at Euro(s) irrespective of the currency used for selling the products on your Magento store. The currency converter lets you convert your Magento store currency into Euros. To complete the process, you need to enter the exchange rate value for your specific currency set on Magento.

Note: AliExpress Currency is the value of 1 currency value for your Store. For Instance, suppose you sell a t-shirt for $2 on your store. The currency converter will help to get this converted into the AliExpress currency. Thus, this t-shirt would appear to be € 1.88 on AliExpress.

Sync Settings

The section Sync Settings allows you to select the options by ticking the checkboxes against your preferred choice. Selecting the options enables the app to sync and reflect changes once you update products on your store (Magento). The sync settings let you select the given options,

  • Title: Only sync the Title of the Product from Magento store once the product has been imported to the app.
  • Description: Only sync the Description of the Product from Magento store once the product has been imported to the app.
  • Price: Only sync the Price of the Product from Magento store once the product has been imported to the app.
  • Weight: Only sync the Weight of the Product from Magento store once the product has been imported to the app.

Once completed with all the permissions and details, click on Save to complete the process of saving the configuration settings you’ve created.

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