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Our contribution to the eCommerce industry over the years has positioned us among world-class leaders. We are proud Business Partners of Facebook, Google, AliExpress, Walmart, HubSpot, Magento, BigCommerce, and 50 other Global Brands.

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About the Magento AliExpress Integration App

The AliExpress API allows you to connect your Magento store to the AliExpress marketplace, allowing you to reach a wide range of customers by connecting your store to AliExpress. This will make it easier for your store to grow on AliExpress by letting you synchronize product information, such as inventory, prices, and other product details, between their Magento store and the AliExpress marketplace using a bulk management tool.

As a result of the integration, Magento store owners can boost their business as they can connect their store to AliExpress’ APIs, create profiles, assign products to them, and then upload these products to, enabling them to manage AliExpress orders on their Magento stores without making any significant changes to their operational functionality.

#1. Create and Manage Profiles

Group products and assign them to Profiles to upload several products in just a few clicks.

#2. Product Management

Easily list Magento products on AliExpress. The app fetches the product details from your Magento Store and lets you create them on AliExpress.

You also get to edit the title, details, and pricing from the app before uploading it to the AliExpress marketplace.

#3. Order Management

Fetch the orders received on AliExpress to your Magento store & fulfill them. With this app, you can easily manage and keep track of the order fulfillment process. The order automatically gets created on your store, and once you update the fulfillment status for the order from your store, shipping details get synced to the AliExpress Marketplace.

#4. Real-time Synchronization

The app synchronizes your Magento Store with AliExpress in real-time. Whenever you make any changes to your inventories, the information automatically gets synchronized across the platform.

#5. Instant Notifications

For every order that you receive on AliExpress, you receive a notification email. Also, the app’s dashboard can be utilized to get information about your inventories.

#6. Multiple Language

The app comes with the feature of Multiple languages (English, French, Italian, and Spanish). So, if in case you have your Magento store in a language other than English, you can use the app in your preferred language.

#7. Threshold Inventory

Set a limit on the inventory you want to show for the products as Out-of-Stock when the stock reaches a specific limit on AliExpress Marketplace. The feature helps you tackle the problem of overselling on AliExpress.

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