BestBuy Integration for WooCommerce is a seller-compliant extension by CedCommerce that empowers the sellers to sell on BestBuy Canada. Not only that but it enables the admin to manage the BestBuy orders in their WooCommerce stores without making any significant changes to the operational functionalities.

With the BestBuy Integration for WooCommerce Extension, sellers with WooCommerce store may get their store integrated with BestBuy marketplace with ultimate benefits that result in thriving business and sales.

The BestBuy Extension is an API based integration that enables WooCommerce store owners to synchronize inventory, price, and other product details for product creation and management between WooCommerce stores and BestBuy marketplace.

Key Features are as follows:

  • It allows admin to perform product related tasks such as product upload, product archive, and product view using bulk management system.
  • Cron job automates the process for Inventory, Price and Order management.
  •  It allows admin to import orders from the BestBuy Marketplace to convert it into regular Woocommerce Orders and Shipments.
  • It allows the profile based product upload on the BestBuy marketplace.
  • Synchronizes product inventory and product price.
  • Easy debug process for hassle-free products upload on the BestBuy marketplace.


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