You can Filter out the product of AliExpress based on categories and keywords on your WooCommerce store. Using this feature, finding a product will become easier on your WooCommerce store.

With advanced pricing markup formula, you can apply different markup – rules for the product.

You can do the following tasks under this feature:

          • Add filter
          • Edit filter
          • Delete filter

a) Add Filter

The filter page appears, as shown in the following screenshot:


Then click on the Add filter button, as shown below:

add filters

You will be redirected to a page where you have to fill the details, as shown below in the image:

          • In the name section, you can enter the name of the product.
          • Enter the keyword name for easy product search.
          • Select the price range for your product
          • Select the most appropriate category and the vendor rating for the product

In the price markup settings, Set up the markup rules to increase profit margin by increasing it in either percentage or by a fixed amount.

price markup setting

you can view the products of a particular filter by hitting the view products under the action tab

view products

On hitting the view products the admin is allowed to see the products of that particular filter as mentioned in the screenshot:

visibility of filter

b) Edit Filter

In the below appearing image, as you click on the EDIT tab, you can change or improve the details added in the filters.


c) Delete filter

Click on delete to delete the product. This will lead to the deletion of the filter for the product from the store.


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