The Overview

The Wayfair Integration for WooCommerce helps you sell on the marketplace with great ease and a greater customer pool. The extension synchronizes your product inventory and stocks seamlessly between platforms and lets you operate a centralized unit.

The unique sales structure of the marketplace is a perfect opportunity to run a successful business. Similarly, Wayfair Integration for WooCommerce is designed to use the market in the most efficient way possible.

Some of the Key Features of the Integration include:

  • Ease in creating CSVs for product upload. This helps you upload multiple products on Wayfair by creating a product catalog.
  • The integration provides a seamless synchronization between your WooCommerce store and the Wayfair marketplace store. This includes everything from product inventory and stocks to product details and attributes.
  • You can create profiles and then assign your products to these profiles for easy upload.
  • The integration features a robust Order Management system. Any order placed on Wayfair is automatically created on the WooCommerce store. At the same time, Every time an order is placed on Wayfair, the extension sends a notification to your store.
  • Similarly, stock management helps you by notifying them if there is a change in a product’s stocks. It prevents the inventory from going out of stock.
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