Overview and key features-

Shopify Connector for WooCommerce helps you expand your product’s reach to a broader audience and sell globally. This connector lets you migrate seamlessly from Shopify to WooCommerce. With this connector’s help, you can easily import Shopify products to WooCommerce and keep your products, categories, and orders synchronized between both platforms. Connect your multiple Shopify accounts to the WooCommerce store with this plugin’s help and import simple and variable products hassle-free.

Automate your selling process and migrate effortlessly from Shopify to WooCommerce via the connector. Get all your products imported in no time and manage your stores centrally.

Key Features

  • You can easily import products from Shopify with all the data and their attributes.
  • This connector also facilitates the custom upload from your Shopify store to the WooCommerce store.
  • Importing products based on specific collections also can be done via the connector.
  • Get real-time synchronization (based on webhooks) and manage your stores centrally.
  • Align images to each product with the help of the connector.
  • This plugin helps you in importing customer data from Shopify to WooCommerce, including name, email, address, and phone number.
  • You can easily import and sync order information from Shopify to WooCommerce.
  • You can import Shopify coupons to WooCommerce through the connector.
  • This connector also lets you import all products, including posts from Shopify to WooCommerce.
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