1. What point should I be aware of in Step 1 of the Shopify to Woo Connector Configuration?

Ans.  You must use the correct Shopify Store Url and Shopify Admin API access token, plus the store URL should be in the following format:

2. I have completed step 1, but now I’m getting no collection on step 2?

Ans.  If you have a collection in your Shopify app and the Admin API access token & store URL are correct, then make sure you have provided write_product_listings and read_product_listings access scopes before installing the app.

3. How are categories created on product import?

Ans. Product categories are created with the same name as the Shopify collection name. Once the product is imported from Shopify to WooCommerce, the plugin will create a WooCommerce Category and the name will be the same as the Shopify Collection name.

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