Overview Of Ship Per Product Pro

Ship Per Product Pro allows you to set the shipping cost based on the shipping locations for each product.

It also allows you to set the different shipping costs for each product based upon the customer’s location.

Key Features

  • Cost for a simple and variable product can be set for each customer location at the settings shipping section.
  • Can set default shipping cost to products for the specific location from admin settings shipping section.
  • Separate Table for adding shipping rates under shipping product-based section and product edit section.
  • Can Include/Exclude tax from shipping cost.
  • Calculate handling fee per order and if per order is not set, calculate per product handling fee.
  • Can restrict shipping to only specific countries.
  • Can skip shipping cost for free shipping products.
  • Shipping cost for each user location can be imported using csv file using built-in csv importer-exporter in admin setting and product edit.
  • Also can add shipping rates based on categories.
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