Category Search On OnBuy

Category mapping enables admins to select more than one category relevant to the product-specific keyword and can also add the technical details for the specific category.

To carry out the Category Search:

Go to the OnBuy account page and click on the “Configure” button, A page will be open where you have to click on Category Search.

Search OnBuy Category

In the search OnBuy category, the admin has to enter the “KEYWORD” to search the category for that product.

Once you enter the keyword then the desired categories get fetched and the checkboxes get appeared to correspond to each WooCommerce category.

You need to select the WooCommerce category using the checkbox on the left side and a list of OnBuy categories will appear in the dropdown. Select the OnBuy category from the drop-down for the respective keyword in which you want to list the products of the selected WooCommerce category on OnBuy as specified in the screenshot:

OnBuy Integration For WooCommerce

After performing all these steps, click the Save mapping option at the bottom. Once you map the categories profiles will automatically be created and you can use the Profiles in order to override the product settings at the category level.

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