Overview of OnBuy

OnBuy is an online retail marketplace that is based in the UK, was launched in November 2016 to offer a direct alternative to Amazon.

OnBuy is a British owned European marketplace, based in the UK similar to and eBay. OnBuy is the first major UK online marketplace, open to all professional online sellers.

OnBuy was first announced over three years ago but delayed their original launch and it’s taken longer than expected to prepare to open the doors. Now after three years of development, considerable investment and testing, they are ready to launch OnBuy to sellers today, the 7th November 2016.

Thus, OnBuy Integration For WooCommerce makes your operations more efficient by automating the order transactions between your WooCommerce store and OnBuy. With WooCommerce OnBuy integration, you won’t have to worry about inaccurate order, inventory count, customer, and item data wreaking havoc on your performance.

Key Features are as follows:

  • Category Search: It allows admin to find appropriate OnBuy categories based on a specific keyword. Admin can choose from available categories for relevant product mapping.
  • Global Settings: Under the Global settings, admin can search for products. He can add/update the meta keys and attributes of the product.

Following are the features under Global Settings

      1. Product Data Setting: Admin can easily input important details of the product like SKU, Price, Brand, Markup Type, Markup Price and more.
      2. Order Setting: Choose the type of Order you want to sync on your WooCommerce store from OnBuy. It is also possible to restrict or allow WooCommerce from sending e-mail upon receiving the orders.
      3. Setting Schedule: It helps admin to enable syncing for inventory/price/order at a specific time interval or disable. Existing product syncing is possible by providing the product identifier (like Brand, SKU, Price, Stock Status, and more).
  • Products: All the details regarding products can be found and managed easily under the Products section. It enables admin to filter and view the products based on category, type, and status. It becomes easy to get updated with the latest data about products irrespective of its quantity.

Admin can also choose products in bulk and take the required action. These actions are upload products, update products,  update stock, and remove listing This way, it saves a significant amount of time.

  • Queue Management: An important section that displays the list of products under approval to be listed on OnBuy. Here admin can find errors associated with a particular product. This error can get product disapproved from being listed on OnBuy. He can sort it out and reupload the product.
  • Orders: Admin can access all orders created on the WooCommerce store under this section. He can edit and update the order details based on his requirements. These details include shipping, billing, order creation date, email address, contact info, and more.

The orders section also enables the admin to update order status based on customer requirements. He can inform OnBuy about order fulfillment is complete or partial. The order cancellation option is also available.

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