MyDeal- Products

The product management section helps you centrally manage all your products. It has all the granular information regarding your products. 

It allows you to filter out products based on- 

  • Product Status 
  • Product Category
  • Product Type
  • Product name

Also, you get to view the product image, name, type, price, template assigned, SKU, stock, Woo category, and status. 

Apart from these, you can perform several bulk actions which are listed below- 

  • Upload Products: Save time by uploading WooCommerce products in bulk to MyDeal. Our robust system eliminates the need for manual input, allowing you to effortlessly transfer multiple product listings from your WooCommerce store to the MyDeal marketplace.
  • Update Products: Sync the edited WooCommerce products’ information with the existing MyDeal listings using the Update Products feature. All the changes you make to your WooCommerce products will automatically be synced with MyDeal marketplace.
  • Update Inventory/Price: Effortlessly update your inventory in bulk by selecting and updating across platforms with the help of a super straightforward interface. Also, simplify the process of updating the price of selected products.
  • Discontinue Products: Simply select the products that you wish to discontinue from MyDeal and deactivate them in one single click using this feature.


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