Overview: Shopify Dokan Integration for WooCommerce

Using Shopify to WooCommerce Dokan compatibility, Shopify retailers can list and sell their products on multivendor marketplaces created on the WooCommerce platform. 

Apart from listing products, marketplace orders can be exported to Shopify stores by retailers for faster processing and fulfillment.

More features to speed up your online retail

1. Import products from Shopify store

Import all your collections from the Shopify store to Dokan compatible marketplace on automation using the product import feature. 

2. Update collections

This feature helps you in refreshing your Shopify store collections if you have made any changes into it. Once updated, all your recent changes to the Shopify store collection will start reflecting in your WooCommerce listings post import process. 

3 .Reset import process

After updating the collections, the import process will reset for a fresh start and it will begin again to fetch all the latest changes to the multivendor marketplace that you have made in the product collections in your Shopify store. 

4. Export orders to your Shopify Store

Once enabled this feature will let you export newly created orders from the multivendor marketplace to the Shopify store for managing inventory.

5. Select specific store location

Once you connect your Shopify store with the Dokan plugin you will have the option to select any one location out of your available Shopify locations as primary for inventory management. 

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