Dashboard Of Facebook

To carry out the Dashboard:

  • Go to your Woocommerce admin panel, below the CedCommerce Menu which is on the left navigation bar.
  • Click on Facebook on the panel as shown in the image below:
  • In the dashboard section, you are allowed to track the recent activity of no, of product Uploaded product, error report.

Facebbok and Instagram Connector

1. Account Limit: In the account limit, the number of products you can upload on Facebook and Instagram through a connector.

2. Product Imported: In the product imported sectionthe number of products imported on WooCommerce.

3. Product Uploaded: In the product uploaded section, the number of products uploaded on Facebook and Instagram through our connector.

4. Product With Errors: In the product with error section, the errors occurred while importing product on WooCommerce through our connector.

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