Facebook marketplace for WooCommerce is a one-stop solution designed specifically for WooCommerce sellers to broaden their product exposure on one of the most influential social commerce platforms, i.e. Facebook. 

One of the key advantages of utilizing the tool is its ability to centralize inventory and streamline order management processes. This means that sellers no longer have to juggle multiple systems or platforms when it comes to tracking inventory levels or managing orders. 

Additionally, incorporating Facebook into your WooCommerce ecosystem provides powerful marketing and advertising tools that will enhance social media visibility and reach. Sellers can leverage features like targeted advertising campaigns to engage potential customers effectively.

Key highlights of the integration


  • Centralized product management 

The plugin facilitates centralized management of Facebook marketplace listings and WooCommerce products on a single dashboard within the plugin itself. 

  • Perform bulk operations

You get to update and upload listings on the Facebook marketplace in bulk. It also has the option to remove uploaded listings from the Facebook marketplace.

  • Setup Global settings

Create global settings for your products by adding availability, preferred age group, audience, GTIN, Brand, and MPN. 

  • Feeds section

Know the real-time status of actions performed on your store and also the insights into errors that hindered the completion of an action. 

  • Scheduler Configuration

With the help of scheduler settings, you can select product sync frequency and reconnect catalog with specific preferences.

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