Overview: Discogs Integration for WooCommerce:

Selling on the Discogs marketplace with WooCommerce is now much easier. Using Discogs integration for WooCommerce, you can now seamlessly list your music-related items on one of the most popular marketplaces that cater to millions of music lovers and collectors across the globe. 

Manage all your products, orders, inventory, and more on a centralized WooCommerce dashboard and automate your Discogs journey. The intuitive dashboard of the tool is beginner-friendly and powerful enough to help you scale your online selling business seamlessly.

Some remarkable features of the tool

  • Flawless product upload and Import

Upload your WooCommerce products to Discogs or import your Discogs listings to your WooCommerce store without losing any data.

  • Advanced mapping

The advanced mapping includes field, attribute, and category mapping for imports. Also, there is an option to configure your export settings. 

  • WooCommerce product management

Manage all your WooCommerce products based on their product status, category, and type. Also, you can perform bulk actions and search specific products with their keywords. 

  • Seamless order management

Fetch all your Discogs orders on a centralized dashboard with all the details like- Customer Name, Discogs Order ID, Status, and much more.

  • Easy scheduler configuration

Set up schedulers per your preferred time frame to fetch orders, automatic product imports, re-syncing to fix broken images, and more.

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