Product Templates

Product templates help you create multiple new templates wherein you can map your WooCommerce product categories with the Amazon categories. 

To  add the product template, click add new template as shown in the image below and you will be redirected to a new template page.



Here, you need to fill profile name as per your preference and select Amazon primary category, so that the next relevant secondary category can load as shown in the image-



Now, select the Amazon secondary category, so that the relevant Amazon browse nodes loads up. Once it is available on the dashboard, select the most relevant browse node.



After selecting the amazon browse node, the relevant amazon template fields will load up based on the selections that you have made under Amazon primary category, secondary category and browse nodes.



Under the Mandatory fields, you need to fill the feed_product_type field which should be the same as the Amazon Secondary category.



Now you can do all the other fields mapping either by static value (if value is same  for all products of that profile category) or you can do the mapping using woo attributes/meta dropdown as shown below:



Similarly, you need to do mapping for all the other fields. 

Note: There are many tabs like Mandatory Fields, Dimensions Fields, Compliance Fields etc, but “Mandatory Fields” tab related fields are required to map as per amazon standard:




Note: Some of the WooCommerce product fields such as title, sku, price, stock, description, main image, gallery images, weight, dimensions will map with relevant Amazon template fields by default.

Also, you get the “Optional Fields” tab, where one or more fields can be added out of the multiple available field options.



Now in the last, you need to select the WooCommerce category for this profile, so that all the mapping done in this profile will apply for all the products of this selected WooCommerce category.



Once done, click Save Profile Data to finish creating the product template. 

Note- If you want to proceed with template upload process, you need to generate your own template first from Amazon seller panel by following the steps as detailed below-



To download your own template, you need to Login to your Amazon seller panel and under the catalog option, click Add products via upload.



Under the Add products via Upload section, click on Download Spreadsheet button



Next, click on the Get Product Template option under the List products not currently on Amazon’s catalog tab.



Click on the marketplace of your choice out of the available options.



Here you need to select the product classifier till the very last node in which you want to upload the product.



Now click on the Generate template button and the template is downloaded on your end.



After downloading the template, you can upload this template by clicking on the upload template button as shown below:




Upload your downloaded template here and select the same as shown below:



Now uploaded template’s amazon fields will be loaded as shown below:



Now here you need to do the template mapping process same as “Add New Template” process.

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