Promotional Pricing

The admin has the ability to make any changes in the product details such as to update the price of the products, inventory of the products, the barcode of the products, or any other details.

To upload all product changes on the product database

  • Go to the Sears Marketplace Integration App.
  • On the top navigation bar, click the Import/Export menu.

The menu appears as shown in the following figure:

Click on Product Promotion to update the promotion in bulk.

The CSV Export/Import page appears as shown in the following figure:

Under CSV Export/Import, do the following steps:

  • Select the desired product status and the product attributes to export the CSV.
  • Click the Export button.
  • Click to select the Save File option, and then click the OK button.
  • The CSV file is exported and saved at the selected location of the local system.
  • Make the required changes in the required fields and then save the CSV file.

In the Import CSV area, do the following steps:

  • Click the Browse button and select the required CSV file.
  • Click the Import button.
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