View Order Details

Once a Shopify order is synced to the app, you can easily access its details by clicking on a “view” button in the actions column of the order listing grid. This action will take you to the order details page, where you’ll find essential information:

  • Shopify Item: Here you will get the Shopify product details.
  • Linked MCF Product: It displays the corresponding MCF product which is linked within the app.
  • Kitted MCF Product(s): If this Shopify product is kitted with MCF product(s) then kitted MCF product(s) will be displayed here.
  • Quantity: It denotes the count of products sold.
  • Price: It displays the total amount paid by the buyer for the order along with shipping charge & tax.
  • Customer Information: Buyer’s name & email ID will be available here.
  • Shipping Address: Displays the shipping information for the order that was provided by the buyer for the order on Shopify.
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