Bulk Actions

In the orders grid, you can carry out several actions in bulk. Once you choose the order(s), the “Select Actions” section will become visible at the top of the grid. From there, you can click on the Select Actions dropdown to pick the action you need.

Bulk Action in Order Grid

There are two bulk actions available:

1. Cancel Order(s)

This button allows you the capability to cancel orders within the app, as well as on Shopify and Amazon MCF. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that there exists a specific timeframe for order cancellations. Specifically, an order must be in the planning phase on Amazon MCF in order for it to be eligible for cancellation.

2. Sync Order(s)

This function facilitates the synchronization of orders between Shopify and Amazon MCF. Simply choose the specific orders you wish to sync, then opt for the ‘Sync Order(s)’ action from the provided dropdown menu. The app will then initiate the synchronization process. Upon its completion, a confirmation message will appear in the notification center. 

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