Make sure that your products in Shopify are assigned to the Ced MCF Order fulfillment location. This is crucial for maintaining accurate inventory. If you notice that the app’s fulfillment location is not associated with a particular product, you have the option to update it on the order page directly in Shopify. 

In cases where Automatic Order Fulfillment hasn’t been configured in Shopify, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Request Fulfillment” button to send a fulfillment request to the app.
  • After the fulfillment request is successfully sent, the order status within Shopify will be changed to “Requested”.
  • Once the app approves the order, the status will change to “Accepted”. However, if the app declines the order due to SKU unavailability or insufficient inventory in MCF, the status will switch to “Rejected” on Shopify.
  • The fulfillment of the order will be managed by Amazon MCF. Once shipped from MCF, the order status will change to “Fulfilled” on Shopify, and on the app, it will be marked as “Shipped”.
  • Detailed tracking information will be incorporated into the order details on Shopify.

💡Note: When an order containing two line items is placed on Shopify, which consists of a linked product(s) and an unlinked product(s), then the app will only acknowledge the linked product when accepting the order. Meanwhile, the order detail page on shopify will display the order as divided into two parts: one for linked products and another for unlinked products. The option to request fulfillment through the app will be available only for the linked products.

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