Pricing Template

A price template is an exciting form of the template where you set rules and parameters related to the pricing of the products to be uploaded on the marketplace. You can align different settings related to the pricing, and the profiles taking over these templates will furnish the details as they are uploaded on the marketplace.

Our app lets you create different price templates. To create a new price template, follow these steps –

  1. Click on Templates, and click on create a template. 
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the inventory option. 
  3. A new window will appear with eh heading – price template. Fill in the required fields.
    – Enable custom pricing – This lets you either increase or decrease the price either in fixed amounts or rate of percentage, which will mark your product’s price accordingly to the marketplace.
  4. Give your template a unique name, and click on save when you’re done.


The template comprises 3 significant settings that you can assign to the products –

  1. Enable price rounding – This setting will round the item’s price to the nearest 0.99 figure.
  2. Enable compare at a price – This setting will let you set 2 prices as compare prices. At times, one is shown above the slashed original price.
  3. Enable custom pricing- This setting lets you either increase or decrease the price, either in a specific field amount or rate of percentage.
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