Map Category

Once all the products of Shopify are imported into the app, the next step is to map the category of Shopify with relevant categories of Fruugo app.

You can do the Category Mapping in two ways: 

    1. Product type wise:- Product type wise category mapping, you have to choose the specific product type which you assigned on your Shopify store and map with the appropriate category of fruugo.Steps of Product type wise mapping:-
      1. Click on the “category mapping”
      2. Then, click on “Product type wise”
      3. On the right side, select the “Product type” which you assigned on Shopify.
      4. In left side, you have to choose the appropriate categories of Fruugo “Just put the keyword” related to your product.

        Example:- If you have product type “T-shirt” then you have to put “t-shirt or shirt” over there and select the appropriate category related to your products.

      2.) Product level wise:- In Product level wise category mapping you can map the categories of individual products like Product Id, SKU, Product title etc. If your each product in different category then you can map category on product level.

      Steps of Product Level wise mapping:-

      1. Click on the “category mapping”
      2. Then, click on “Product level wise”
      3. Choose the field through which you want to map the categories Product Id, SKU or title.
      4. Put a keyword related to your title eg:- Cap, Hat, bag, shirts etc. in “category option”.
      5. Then, you find a level of categories related to your title.
      6. Select a category then click on “OK”.

  1. Once you’re done with entering all the relevant Shopify Categories, press Submit.
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